Introducing the Ostopak™ Ostomy Pouch Cover

Ostopak Pouch

The Ostopak™ Cover is designed to help ostomy or colostomy patients cope with the difficulties of living with their useful but somewhat delicate and unattractive appliance, the ostomy bag (aka ostomy or ileostomy pouch). People who wear this ostomy appliance have often suffered from colon cancer or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which can be Crohn's disease (CD) or ulcerative colitis (UC), or may have lower body paralysis. Bags are typically manufactured and distributed by large companies such as Coloplast, Convatec, and Hollister, which manufacture a wide variety of other ostomy supplies.

We know using ostomy bags beats the alternative, but we think our product can improve the experience. Drawing from personal experience, we have designed a pouch cover that has a belt and built in pocket for the pouch that supports and conceals it. An especially important feature is the convenience of removing the pouch from the pocket for emptying.

Our product combines an ostomy pouch pocket with a cover and uses an adjustable belt that gives support to the pouch and attaches to a patient's body. The ostomy pocket/cover is constructed of a lightweight, waterproof or water resistant soft fabric that holds the ostomy pouch in place. It also provides a degree of support to avert accidental leaks and provides temporary protection if such leaks occur. Leaks can originate from accidentally opening the pouch clip or accidentally detaching the pouch from its source at the stoma.

The pocket can hold ostomy bags of any of the commonly sold types. The belt is constructed of soft elastic and has a buckle and adjustable support to provide a comfortable fit for the user.